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Royal Acres FAQs


When and how do I pay my annual dues?

Current Year assessments are sent out in early January. Please send payments directly to City & Village. For a reasonable 3% fee, C&V maintains our subdivision’s accounting.


What Plat do I live and who do I contact with questions?

It’s most helpful to direct requests to the whole team at

  • The Trustee volunteers will approach your concerns and determine who is best able to handle the request

  • There is a plat map attached at the bottom of the FAQ sheet.

  • Your plat # is listed on your assessment, tax bill and the directory linked to on each newsletter.


How do I help organize events, bring up an idea, or even join the trustee team?

  • Feel free to email the trustees at , reach out to a current or past trustee, or just ask a neighbor who’s been in the neighborhood for a few years. They’ll likely get you in contact with one of us.

  • We have official volunteer positions available and are always looking for passionate residents to participate in many of our social events.


How do I report a street light that is burnt out, flickering, making noise, or is leaning?

You can call Ameren directly, but our recommendation is to email the trustees. Please include the location of the light with the nearest address and other directional description. An Ameren rep will look up the light location while on the phone with the trustee, so descriptions help us a lot. Here is a great light request:

  • “The light on the N side of my driveway at 23XX Gateroyal gets really dim and is almost out in the early morning”



Does the trustee board need to approve my fence?

Yes, the trustee board needs your official plans to confirm that the fence placement is in accordance with our subdivision indentures. Section IV Indenture of Restrictions, (7) states “The type of all fences must be approved by the Trustees.”


Does anybody else need to approve?

Yes, you will need to complete a City of Des Peres Resident Fence Permit Application and pay any fees. The City will review your plans and approve/deny or ask you to amend the material, height, and length of the fence.  The City also has municipal codes that need to be followed.


Where can I view the Indentures?

Indentures and Bylaws can be found on our website.  Go to and click on either the ‘Indenture’ or ‘Bylaws’ buttons.  In the Indentures, Section IV Indenture of Restrictions, (7) discusses the fences. Key phrases:

  • No fences or hedges shall be erected or placed on any lot nearer to any street than the minimum building set back lines…

  • …. Nor shall any fence or hedge on a side yard be erected or placed in front of the line of the rear building wall.

In the example below, the fence may be placed in the side yard “X” areas.




Can we rent the pool for a family celebration?

The pool may not be ‘rented out’ for a private party. You may notify the pool management company that you plan to have extra guests at the pool. If an extra lifeguard needs to be hired, then you will need to pay the prevailing per hour rate charged by the pool management company.  Email for help.


Can I swim a few laps at the pool for exercise?

  • No lap swimming has been coordinated at this time. You may NOT remove the float rope from the pool for any reason. The rope is there to keep anyone who is not a strong swimmer from floating to the deep end of our pool. This is a St. Louis County ordinance.

  • RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE SAINT LOUIS COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Public Water Recreation Facilities 2.5.2: The transition point of the pool from the shallow area to the deep area shall be visually set apart with a rope and float line….



How do I suggest and offer to assist to help have more flowers or vegetation planted in the cul-de-sac, entrance, or by the pool?

Email We also have a wonderful volunteer committee which maintains the large Pot O’ happiness at the entrance from Manchester Road. They would LOVE some help with watering, especially during the summer months


Who do I call about a tree or vegetation needing attention; it might be by my house or in a common area?

Email  It’s especially helpful to include photos in your email or schedule a time to walk with them and point out the concerns. We have about 10 acres of common ground and you see the issue more than they do. Email us! We have a special fund set up to attend to these issues.


Des Peres ordinances which are commonly enforced in the neighborhood by Des Peres code enforcement:

  • Your trash “containers shall be kept in a location that is not visible from the street”

  • If your vehicle is not currently licensed and operable, it may not be parked on the street or visible from the street. Contact the trustees or Des Peres code enforcement and they will contact the owner on record.

  • Pods and dumpsters may not be placed on the street or placed across a sidewalk. Please contact the city for permits and specific rules.

  • If you should have a sewer problem and your plumbing company finds a blockage in the lateral sewer, please find information about the lateral sewer insurance program on the Des Peres website. You pay into this program every year (check your property tax bill). You will present the city with the video or document from a licensed plumber showing the blockage, then pay $150 permit fee and the city approved vendor will coordinate a repair with you. Excellent insurance program.


I notice a handful of neighbors keep holiday decorations up year-round, is there any rule against this?

  • Unfortunately, there is not currently. The best approach is to discuss the holiday lights with that neighbor. We understand this is challenging but if you have concerns, be assured there are many others with the same concerns. You are helping the whole community keep our standards high.

  • If you keep your lights up all year, please help us and remove them each year. We have many official rules to keep our neighborhood’s exceptional values, many items are a courtesy.  We don’t have a deadline when they need to be removed, but sooner than later is appreciated. If you can’t get to the lights, please contact the trustees with your situation and we will find some helpers. Going forward, please consider hanging holiday lights which you are able to remove each season.

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